Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sofa sketches

Sometimes its nice to kickback and relax on the sofa with my Modbook and Sketchbook Pro and just doodle, here are some some of the random but fun results.

Here's a modbook sketch I did a while ago and every time I see it I think I really should work it up one of these days...its a guy with a big robot arm...and everyone likes a guy with a big robot arm don't they?


Aidan said...

not been too active online of late, so apologies for missing out on saying how great these are...theyre great!

when we going to see you oop notts way then?

Dan D. Evans said...

Nice work Stevenson, those dragony heads are pretty fabulous. Personally I hate men with big robot arms though, go around thinking they own the place just because they got a big robot arm that could crush you like an ant. Dickheads.