Friday, 29 April 2011

Futurepoly Week 2

Week two of Futureploy was with the excellent enviro artist Matthew Barrett the focus for this class was buildings or vehicles. I decided to work on a building and started the process with some thumbs. The first sheet below was just exploring styff in general but by the second one I had got a nordic style hut in mind.

After the thumbs I decided to concentrate on just the building and produced these sketches to decide on a final design

There was something about 5 that I liked so went with it, but after I finished I felt that I hadn't pushed the forms enough made a few tweaks to emphasize some of the forms.

and with that week 2 homework done :)


Shoki said...

This stuff is awesome! Looking good, sir.

Nick Carver said...

Looking good Ryan! I really like the thumbnail you decided to go with. Lookign forward to more of your Futurepoly updates.