Saturday, 2 April 2011

What I've Been Up To, Part 2...or BAFTAs and Books

So where was I? oh yes Kinect just how well did Kinect Sports do? Amazingly!!!
The sales have been great and we're the number one Kinect title! We also won a Bafta! not to shabby at all

but look there is a hoodie nicking it!.......yes it me :)

Probably the most exciting thing to happen over the last few months, yes more exciting than a bafta....don't tell the that Gorillaartfare have got a book coming out soon and I'm in it. With so may talented artists in the group its an honor to be part of it.

Heres the blurb from gorillaartfare

We have the most exciting news today! Gorilla Artfare and CFSL Ink have joined forces to bring you a wonderful collection of artwork: Gorilla Artbook Vol 1!

The book is hardcover, sized 24×28 cm (9.4×11 inches approximately) and it holds 250+ pages of stunning images by more than 70 of our artists. It will be available for preorder on April 7th and released on April 14th!
We will share more info on pricing and where you can buy it real soon! Update: Some more info + a small preview of the interiors here! For now, feast your eyes on these previews of the cover (illustrated by Clo, Devin Platts & Tom Scholes, designed by Victoria Maderna & Federico Piatti):

Now thats just what I call a top post :)


jake gumbleton said...

Get you Mr Ryan! WOOHOO!

Dan D. Evans said...

Fabulous! I shall definitely be parting with some money for the lovely art book. Maybe not for Kinect sports though. Sorry, but we don't want to encourage it, do we?

Richard Smith said...


Nick said...
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Farzan said...

Just stumbled onto your blog bro. Big fan of Rare here and I just wanted to say you guys are still the best in my book. Ive been playing your games all my life and will continue to do so till the day I die. You guys are the reason I bought a Kinect, Kinect Sports is awesome. Awesome blog and I cant wait to see what you guys are up to besides the anticipated Kinect Sports sequel.