Friday, 6 May 2011

Futurepoly Week 4

Futurepoly week 4 was with Richard Anderson. The task this week was to create a book cover image using graphical elements, abstraction and composition.

I gave myself the theme of some kind of adventurer/thief in a large city and began exploring...

Here is pass one
After some great feedback and a paint over from Richard I tweaked the third image from above and worked one some more compositions and I think I produced some really nice results.

I really enjoyed this weeks homework, all of the passed weeks have been fun but there was something about this one that resonated. I'll certainly revisit these to take one to completion.


jake gumbleton said...

these are splendid mate!

Aidan said...

everything youre doing lately is great - so please do carry on! And when you going to bring your talentedness round our way again. Nottingham needs you!