Thursday, 17 June 2010

Two Different Life Drawing approaches

Heres some more life drawings, the first two were done with a china graph pencil in my sketchbook and the the next two were done on my tablet mac....yes i know, digital life drawing! I'm such a philistine!


Ben Newman said...

cool stuff! I prefer the clarity of the pencil sketches myself; those solid blocks of tone look great (ie on the thighs of the second sketch)

Dan D. Evans said...

Oooh, hows the tablet mac? I keep thinking I should get something like that but can't justify the expense without knowing they are good!

Mind you, like Ben says the pencil sketches are nicer so maybe that's an argument not to :)

Anonymous said...

Boy, I've never seen a tablet yet at life drawing but I guess I live in a pretty small place. That's interesting. Can I post your picture on my figurative art blog I think they would find it interesting. Thanks. Paula