Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Here's another batch of the studies, hopefully i can internalize the information i've picked up whilst doing these and use it in my personal work.


jake gumbleton said...

Top work on these studies Mr. Ryan!!!
I particuarly like the from life ones (glasss and tin cup). Really great work.
Glad to see you being a busy busy bee.
My laptop properly died this week and I have had to reformat the hard drive and everything. GRRRRRRRRR.
Looking forward to saturday mate!!

Jon McCoy said...

effin GREAT studies mate. Love em. Nothing to say but moar!

Nick Carver said...

hey Ryan,

Great studies, mister! It's good to see you being so productive. The first read on all of these is really good, but I think the horizontal hatching strokes in the foreground in some of them is working against the sense of scale and form of the rock. Maybe try using a textured brush and approach those areas in terms of larger masses rather than individual strokes? Either that or break up the parallel lines with some more organic strokes (like you have in the background)?

Small crit though, great stuff overall.

Hope you and the family Stevenson are well!

rodrigoart said...

nailed the tones man, really nice little colours in there. welcome to GA as well!!!!

Scarlet said...

Solid studies! And that dragon piece in the previous is dope! Cheers.